Impressive features about the Shark Apex uplight

An uplight vacuum doesn't seem all that spectacular in the modern era of smart home technologies and robot vacuums that clean your floors. However, most homes still require a good uplight, especially those that have pets. When it's time for the weekly or biweekly major house cleaning, the Shark Apex uplight is the perfect choice. Here are some of the amazing features that make this vacuum worth-buying.

Pet hair friendly

The Shark Apex Uplight assists very well for any pet owners. With the pet power brush attachment, which sucked the hair that wasn't even in its direct path, the Apex handled pet hair very well. TheKingLive team has tested running this vacuum through a carpet with a lot of dog hair on it. Before cleaning, many couldn't see the hair, indicating that it was likely deeply ingrained in the rug's fibers. With the Apex Uplight's Hypervelocity accelerated suction, a direct air route and stronger suction are made possible. With each vacuuming motion, we could see the dog's hair circle as it gathered in the dust cup.

Smart brushroll

Due to Shark's DuoClean technology, floors can be polished and cleaned with the soft brush while carpets can be cleaned with a different brush roll. The Apex Uplight's self-cleaning brush roll thoroughly cleans carpets and picks up hair, while its soft brush roll picks up dust and other microscopic particles from hard surfaces.

What is the process for the self-cleaning brushroll? A built-in comb-like mechanism sweeps over the brushroll while you clean with the Apex Uplight to remove hair and dirt and maintain the brushroll's optimal performance. In order to prevent lengthy hair from tangling in the brush, there are four metal wires that span the self-cleaning brushroll.

Additional accessories

There are two wheels located on the back of the floor nozzle, which helps the vacuum stand firmly while not in use. The wheels retract automatically as soon as you angle the vacuum and start cleaning, and the two brushrolls start spinning.

When you want to vacuum furniture, curtains, or stairs, you only need to carry the main pod and hose because the vacuum completely disassembles. You can also use the pod and wand without the floor nozzle, or you can add a brush to the end of the wand.

Furthermore, you can easily reach the attachments at any moment because they readily attach to the unit's wand. The accessories are also quite beautifully designed, speaking of which. The brush tool on the 8-inch-long crevice tool travels down its shaft. When you want to use the crevice tool, you can snap the brush onto the end of it, and when you want to use the crevice tool without the brush, you can slide the brush back down. The pet multitool has a brush as well as an upholstery tool that nestles perfectly inside the brush. To remove obstinate hairs from my couch, you can use the brush or snap it off and utilize the upholstery tool

Fit to work in the dark

Pet hair, dust, and grime on the floor are illuminated by LED lights on the Apex UpLight 's floor nozzle. Therefore, you will be able to use the Apex UpLight in every lighting situation. Additionally, you can see minuscule crumbs, dog hairs, and dirt particles that normally you might not see at first glance.

In conclusion, the Shark Apex Uplight is a safe choice for many consumers. It is one of the most well-known brands that actually lives up to its reputation. We hope with this In-Depth Review of Shark Apex Uplight Vacuum , you will find more reasons to put this vacuum in your

shopping cart.

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