How to Use Teleparty
Use Chrome or Edge to navigate to You'll need to use one of Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome since this addon isn't compatible with any other browsers. Install the browser extension to enable you to participate in or host a Teleparty.
The name of the service was modified to reflect that it hosts more than simply Netflix, however the website URL still uses "Netflix Party"
To install Teleparty, click. This red button is located in the top-of-the-page black bar, and clicking it will take you to the relevant extension or add-on page.
Click Get (Edge) or Add to Chrome (Chrome). This blue button is located on the right side of the page, next to the name and rating of the extension.
When prompted, select Add extension to proceed.
If you have any other extensions, you need to notice a "TP" next to your address bar.

Also use these chrome extensions:-