CyberSphere Game - Eliminate the Intrusive Robots
Developed by Kisunja – Fun Shooting Games, Heroes of CyberSphere immerses you in a vast virtual landscape where several robotic entities are launching an invasion. The objective of the game is to eliminate as many robots as possible by shooting them. These robots do not possess a humanoid structure, but instead exhibit a wide range of forms and sizes. Certain robots possess a round shape, while others resemble little cannons. They own their own firearms, which have the potential to inflict significant harm if you are struck by a bullet.

To determine the lifespan of each robot, refer to the indications shown on their physical structures. In order to swiftly remove them, it is advisable to shoot them when their life gauge is still in the green zone. There is a large number of them present in the environment, hence it is imperative that you eliminate them with gunfire before they infiltrate your current position. Additionally, these robots are in perpetual motion, necessitating a strategic posture to efficiently target geometry dash subzero