Select a mecha and engage in battle according to your own preferences.
An important distinction in Super Mecha Champions is that you will not be without weapons. Your character will be equipped with a rudimentary weapon of their choosing. Your mecha will become operational once the energy level reaches 100. Various mechas are available for acquisition and use in the game, however initially, your character will be equipped with the default mecha. Unlike in previous battle royale snow rider 3d games, the use of mechas introduces an additional dimension that necessitates strategic planning.

Features of the game
Graphics in a style that resembles manga.
Collaborate with other players and exert complete control over the encounter.
There is a wide array of mechas that may be obtained and used in combat.
Super Mecha Champions is a thrilling action game that is sure to provide you with immense enjoyment. However, if you are seeking other action games to play, I recommend exploring FRAG Pro Shooter or Smash Legends. Both games are thrilling action-packed experiences that you will really enjoy playing. Additionally, they are accessible without charge, so I encourage you to test them immediately.