Things To Do When You Get A New Sewing Machine

As a complete beginner, after buying the computerized sewing machines for beginners , your first question must be what we should do with it to maintain and to enhance its life? If you stuck in such a situation and you have no idea what should be your next step then let us guide you completely. Here are some of the amazing tips regarding things you should do after buying a sewing machine.

Read a Manual:

If you have never used a sewing machine in your whole life then the first thing you should do is to read a user manual to understand it’s the mechanism. After reading the instructions you can check every function of the sewing machine accordingly and you can also understand when and where to use each function of this sewing machine. You can also watch a DVD that came with the sewing machine if you find manual reading boring.

One-Year Checkup:

You maintain the car at the end of 4-5 months and take it to the mechanic to change oil, in the same way, you should maintain a sewing machine. Now you have invested a good amount of money on the sewing machine, make sure that you are doing well for it. Regular maintenance of the sewing machine will help you in enhancing the performance of it.

Setup on Table:

Once you unpack the sewing machine, this is the time to set up the sewing machine on the table and make sure to switch is nearby so there should be no pushing and pulling of plug. Loose connection results in damage some sensitive part of the sewing machine which can be difficult for you to handle. The sooner you get comfy, the sooner you will be able to start work.


Understand the capacity of your best basic sewing machine  and what this model is capable of sewing? If your sewing machine is capable of sewing soft and lightweight clothes but you are moving towards the heavier side then this can affect the performance and also you will not get the desired results. Check the capacity of the sewing machine and then work accordingly.


Once your sewing machine is set on the table, make sure that you are getting familiar with the settings. Check how you can set a sewing machine according to your desired settings and if it’s working good enough or not? You can also check settings on the LCD screen of your sewing machine and you can change it from time to time as you are working on different projects.


Before you start sewing, check accessories, came up with a sewing machine. To enhance the quality and look of a sewing machine, the best thing you can do is to use original accessories. Duplicate accessories tend to damage the sewing machine. Familiarize yourself with accessories of a sewing machine and you can sew in an amazing way.


Your best starter sewing machine can be your best friend and if you communicate it in the best way then this collaboration results in the best projects. Maintain your sewing machine and you will be amazed by its performance.