How to Use Embroidery Machine to Embroider on Paper

Many people believe that it is practically impossible to embroider on a paper, even with top rated embroidery machines. This notion is untrue, though newbies may find it challenging to embroider on a paper. It can become very easy to embroider on a paper with some proven practical steps without damaging the material.

Paper cards are often recommended for embroidery works because you can't use just any kind of paper to achieve your desired result. For this reason, the Best Embroidery Machine Brands are available for review online so that you can discover your ideal matches.

Getting Creating with Embroidery Machine Designs with Paper Card

Keep in mind that a dense stitch is often recommended as the best embroidery design on a paper card. Hence, running stitches will make a lot of sense with your machine. You may want to read a professional embroidery machine review to learn more about embroidery designs that suit card papers. To make your embroidered paper card even more unique, you can stitch out the entire design with a white thread, especially on a black or blue paper card.

It would be best if you also considered stitching out a variegated design that glows in the dark or using a metallic embroidery thread that may include a rainbow of colors. You can enhance your paper card with a ribbon tie or paper punches and be more creative by combining the embroidery design with decorative writings or stamping.

Embroidering on a Paper Card with Your Embroidery Machine

The first step you should take is to attach an adhesive back tear-away stabilizer to the back of the paper card and find the best embroidery machine for home use that suits your preference. Mark the center of the stabilizer with a pen and extend the mark horizontally and vertically.

Then, float your card by scoring the inside edge of the stabilizer with a pin before tearing the top layer. Peel the back of the stabilizer to expose the sticky layer, then stick your paper back to the back of the stabilizer to make it align with the hoop.

With a single needle, start stitching with your machine. Once the stitching is completed on your portable embroidery machine, slowly remove the paper card from the hoop. Make sure you tear the stabilizer from the card once you remove it from the hoop.

At this point, you may also want to add finishing touches to your design. With embroidery nippers, trim those strings of the embroidery design on the paper. You can also use applique scissors to trim the edge of the fabric after the design.

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