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Although Shark's Rotator and Navigator vacuum lines are known to have many excellent vacuums, the Shark APEX is a higher-end series that you might not have heard of yet.

While some models in these lines, such as the Shark APEX AZ1002, are much more expensive. Is the price justified when it comes with all of the modern technology included? Now, let's look over in this Shark apex uplight review.

1. A quick Look On The Shark APEX AZ1002


- Lift-away ability smoothly
- Effective performance while sucking big debris
- Impressive efficiency on both hard floors and carpet
- Effortless to remove dust from the container
- LEDs on the handle and the nozzle
- Decently long power cord
- Sealed system and a HEPA filter


- A bit heavy
- Require to maintain Repetitively
- Cheap wheels

2. Feature

Filtration System

Shark Apex Uplight Vacuum - The Perfect Vacuum for Single People AZ1002, it uses many filters in a sealed system to make sure that only clean air is exhausted into your room when the vacuum is in use.

There are two pre-motor filters: one felt filter located below the canister and another foam filter located above the canister. If they become soiled, all that must be done is tap off the loose dirt and debris into the trash to clean them. Depending on how much filth they still have, you can even rinse them with water.

You can reach the HEPA filter, which is located behind the motor and can be readily accessed from the front of the machine.

Shark suggests that you rinse the HEPA filter and the pre-motor filters once a year and every three months. When you don't have to buy the filters required regularly, these washable filters are excellent to save money.

DuoClean? Technology

With this function, you can effortlessly convert between different types of flooring, such as from hardwood floors to other carpets, without moving furniture.

In addition to the power button, there is a light indicator and slip switch for one per set. To switch on the device, you must first flick this switch to the position that corresponds to the floors you wish to vacuum.

Due to the DuoClean? technology, this cleaner head has two brush rolls: a soft brush roll to generate a slight snow-plowing effect in the front and a standard bristles brush roll in the center.

As a result of this design, the Shark Apex AZ1002 can pick up huge bits of dirt while also cleaning your floors to remove trapped debris and dust on hard surfaces. It's understandable to worry whether this process may harm carpets, but happily, this doesn't occur in this instance.


The dust canister may be removed and emptied with relative ease. It's also quite simple to re-attach. The canister is entirely bottom empty; therefore, you rapidly hit the button, and the bottom of the canister pours out all of the dust and dirt within. Due to the canister's reasonable width and its 0.4-gallon storage, you will not need to remove it frequently.

Powered Lift-Away

The Powered Lift-Away feature allows you to convert your upright vacuum into a handheld-style device for more portability. As a result, you may hold the motor and dust canister in one hand while carrying the wand, hose, and tools in another hand.

If you have to clean your stairs and furnishings regularly, this function will make your life simpler. It might also be helpful when you need to move about with a vacuum cleaner to clean various house areas.


Although some people may have difficulty lifting the device because of its weight, this is an excellent bargain in the end.

To improve the performance of the APEX AZ1002, Shark has merged DuoClean? technology and added Zero-M to the mix. This makes washing every surface a pleasure to clean, while the Zero M reduces the time required to clean the brush equipment after each wash.

This vacuum cleaner is equipped with noise reduction technology, and so it has become one of the quietest models in the Shark series. No matter if you have pets or not, this Shark APEX vacuum cleaner should be a welcome addition to every household. Please check more information in .