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You make it sound as if all women want to have a little doggie to kick around……

I never mentioned kicking around.

And most REAL Evo Psychologists think the stuff PUAs preach and teach is just as inaccurate, retarded, and misinterpreted as I do.

Could be. But some of Erik (Mystery’s) ideas have a legitimate evo-psyche aspect to them.

Women like men who KEEP THEM INTERESTED.

Women like men who serve their interests. Women use men and there are plenty of brainwashed men who want to be used. Which is not surprising because women control male children and Stockholm Syndrome these boys from an early age because the boys don’t have strong independent fathers who can save them from female influence because the fathers are too busy with their own Stockholm Syndrome conditioning.

That’s probably why they are with the bitch mother in the first place.

The poor bastard can’t save himself let alone his son.

And Willard hitting women is not Alpha at all.

Sometimes it is sometimes it isn’t. Depends on the context.

My father would spit on a man who raises his hand in anger (which is an emotional outburst and a huge sign of weakness) or raises his VOICE in anger is not a man at all.

Who cares about your father. He married a semi-retarded woman so he could feel like a Big Man controling a nothing person.