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As for the best paper, for regular 8.5″x11″ lined paper try using Staples’ “Eco-friendly” paper that is made from bagasse, the pulp residue from sugar cane processing. This paper is thinner than normal printer paper, but has that crisp, crinkly feel, and takes fountain pen great, without bleeding or skipping. It reminds me of old airmail paper.

I’ve forgotten about blotter paper; anyone have a quick lead on where one can find blotter paper?

Back in 2001/2002 I was on an extended business assignment and communicated with my spouse using, not only phone calls but, fountain pen letter writing. I applied wax seals to the envelopes and didn’t notice any problems from the postal service.

Great article, and informative responses.


I have always believed a hand written letter is second only to face-to-face for real personal communication. The wax and seal don’t quite fit in with my lifestyle or my group of friends. My dad had stationery and I thought it was neat stuff. This may be the nudge to get me motivated to get my own. I had a relationship with a lady many years ago and we wrote back and forth. There was surprising anticipation in waiting for the next letter and total joy to when it got there. My own perosnal flaw with this is that I have such terrible penmanship.
Just keep posting these skill articles. Some of these skills just didn’t get handed down or retained if they did. It also doesn’t hurt me a bit to learn a little class and etiquette, even if it just one point out of the article it is of benefit.
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