What is an essay?

Essay (French essai - attempt, sample, essay), a literary form, a small prose text that expresses an emphasized individual point of view of the author. The task of an essay, unlike a story, is information or explanation, rather than a dramatic depiction or retelling of a life situation. An essay achieves its goal by means of a direct authorial statement, which does not require the creation of handmadewriting review characters or a plot connecting them.

The main distinguishing features of an essay are:

individual position;

The process of writing an essay (like any creative work) can be divided into several stages: thinking - planning - writing - checking - editing.

Thinking - defining for yourself the content of the essay. Answering the question: what intimate things do you want to tell the reader, what emotions do you need to convey?

Planning - defining the purpose, literary devices, main ideas, the plot of the essay. You must answer the question: how to write a meaningful and interesting essay?

Writing - having an argument on a given topic, with argumentation of factual material, the presence of assumptions, arguments and other logical means of language. You must answer the question: is the text you have written interesting?

Checking and editing - editing the text the subject of quality presentation, i.e. clarity of thought, clarity, literacy and correctness. You need to determine how clearly articulated the idea that you reflect in the essay. Under comprehensibility of the text is understood logicality and consistency of presentation of the material.

Literacy is compliance with grammar and spelling norms. Correctness is the style of writing, which depends on the structure of the work; the goals that the writer has for himself; the audience to whom he is addressing.

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