{"bf_titre":"wholesale Abrasive Tool Steel Cutting Disc","data-imagebf_image":,"filename-imagebf_image":,"checkboxListeEquipe":"1","bf_description":"wholesale Abrasive Tool Steel Cutting Disc Henan Xinhuatong Abrasives Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high quality resin grinding wheels. We have special R&D team, strict quality management system and global marketing capabilities. Our factory has 200,000 sq.mt. constant temperature and humidity workshop, 30 automatic production lines and the pollutant recovery equipment. Our annual production capacity is 10,000 tons of resin grinding wheels and 2,000,000 sq.mt. of grinding wheel fiberglass net. Annual output is more than 1.5 million US dollars. Our company is certified by SGS and ISO authority. Xinhuatong Abrasives attach importance to technology research and development. We have been working in industrializing the latest technology by working with Henan Industrial University. Our company uses strict production management practices to provide clients our products with excellent performance, stable quality and exquisite appearances. We persist in building first-class brands including X-Keen, LiHu?, XiangJiang?, and JinLiKe?. X-Keen\u00ae has been certified by German MPA and EU EN12413. The brand is dedicated to create more value for users. Xinhuatong Abrasives insists on providing high-quality resin grinding wheels, and more related services for our customers. We have also taken integrity, innovation and win-win results as our corporate culture. We would partner users and trading agents all over the world for a long-term and stable co-operation.wholesale Abrasive Tool Steel Cutting Disc website:http:\/\/www.cutting-abrasive.com\/","bf_date_debut_evenement":"2023-07-06","bf_date_debut_evenement_allday":"1","bf_date_debut_evenement_hour":"00","bf_date_debut_evenement_minutes":"00","bf_date_fin_evenement":"2023-12-17","bf_date_fin_evenement_allday":"1","bf_date_fin_evenement_hour":"00","bf_date_fin_evenement_minutes":"00","bf_horaire":,"bf_site_internet":,"bf_adresse12":,"bf_code_postal":"2323","bf_ville":"london","id_typeannonce":"13","id_fiche":"WholesaleAbrasiveToolSteelCuttingDisc","createur":"hoin2acti","date_creation_fiche":"2023-07-07 02:36:10","statut_fiche":"1","fichierfichier":,"date_maj_fiche":"2023-07-07 02:36:10"}