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{"bf_titre":"Grademiners reddit","bf_chapeau":"This website is known for many grademiners reddit users","checkboxListeEquipe":"1","bf_description":"\r\nThis website is known for many [[https:\/\/www.reddit.com\/r\/CollegeHomeworkTips\/comments\/pu263h\/a_grademiners_review_reddit_questioning_share\/ grademiners reddit]] users! They wrote a paper about living and working in Japan. I received a shitty rushed paper filled with poor grammar and improper word use. There was no transition between topics. The paper was messy. It appeared that the paper was written by someone who had just learned English. It was terrible. Middle school students have written better papers than me. Customer service told me they could only issue a 10% refund after I asked. I paid $76 to purchase a piece bad paper. They said that they could only offer a 10% refund. Grademiners is not a service you should use. Beware! Don't Use Their Services! It says in the Terms and Conditions that there is a two-week revision period. I understood this and I read the lengthy paragraphs. My professor sent me my grade (an F for Scientific Review paper), and the chat man is known as Steve repeatedly said that there was nothing the company could do. He said that it was my responsibility to evaluate the quality of the paper. How was I supposed to find out what my professor thought? I explained to him that I was asking for the price I paid. I also offered to send my professor's comments. The bottom line is that no one will help you if you request a refund or a revision after the date. Even though you have been a loyal customer for more than a year. Avoid this company. If you see Steve in chat, don't use them.\r\n","bf_site_internet":,"data-imagebf_image":,"filename-imagebf_image":,"data-imagebf_image2":,"filename-imagebf_image2":,"data-imagebf_image3":,"filename-imagebf_image3":,"data-imagebf_image4":,"filename-imagebf_image4":,"data-imagebf_image5":,"filename-imagebf_image5":"","id_typeannonce":"9","id_fiche":"TroisInitiativesCitoyennesPourIllustrerLe","password_for_editing":"4","createur":"AstridDutrieu","date_creation_fiche":"2017-07-12 13:12:59","statut_fiche":"1","date_maj_fiche":"2022-07-13 15:32:50"}