Wholesale Hair Trimmer Product Description Electric Trimmer Shaver Clipper has a variety of uses. It can be used for shaving hair, shaving beard, shaving body hair, etc. The sharp blade brings excellent shaving effect. Moreover, these blades will change the angle with the face shape curve, so they will not scratch the skin. Blades are removable for easy cleaning and replacement. Because these products are often placed in wet places such as toilets, we use materials with high corrosion resistance to make them. Moreover, the whole shell has good waterproof and sealing properties to avoid short circuit and electric leakage caused by water entering the product. Electric Trimmer Shaver Clipper is equipped with a stainless steel blade, which can shave quickly and effectively. This is a multifunctional product, which can not only shave, but also remove body hair, clean face, remove nose hair, etc. It is equipped with a high-speed magneto and a new stainless steel blade to ensure good use effect. This product has multiple brush heads, so you can select the appropriate brush head according to the hair you need to remove. The 600mAh lithium-ion battery can provide sufficient current to ensure the lasting operation of the shaver. Model No.:MS-809 Electric Trimmer Shaver Clipper Material:Stainless (interwiki inconnu) steel + ABS Battery:DC3 (interwiki inconnu).7V 600mAh Power:5W (interwiki inconnu) Working Time:1 (interwiki inconnu).5 Hours Feture:Removable (interwiki inconnu) Blade Power Source:USB (interwiki inconnu) Rechargeable Charging Time:2 (interwiki inconnu) Hours Place of Origin:Wenzhou (interwiki inconnu) ChinaWholesale Hair Trimmer website:http://www.cando-trade.com/hairtrimmer/