Although a lot of skaters come to longboarding because they admire the insane speed that a downhill rider can travel, many others do not prefer speed. In this case, a leisure ride cruising around the neighborhood or traveling to work can be much more interesting.

In the post where SkateAdvisors suggested beginners some good cruising longboards in 2021 , the website also pointed out what skaters need in order to pick the perfect cruising skateboard. Therefore, I want to summarize the most important tips in choosing a good longboard. Hopefully, you can get what you need after reading this post.


If you take up skateboarding with a tight budget, you may want to take a look at the Magneto Cruiser longboard which is well-known as a cheap but decent longboard. If you are looking for a product that can support beginners the most in learning, the Landyachtz Drop Cat The Cornet Cruiser can be a perfect choice.


Another inexpensive and super easy to use longboard must be the Sola Bamboo 38 inches which can provide you a fun ride as the Landyachtz Ripper/ Super Chief can. Are you a kid? If yes, the Arbor Collective Zeppelin Bamboo will be a suitable option for smaller riders.

The Loaded Poke is chosen as the premium option for rich skaters based on the list of expensive skateboards provided by SkateAdvisors on muckrack . However, there are some longboards such as the Load Tan Tien that are overpriced so skaters should avoid them.


Since you may not be able to get access to the above skateboards? I think it is a good way to learn about some features that are recommended in a decent cruising longboard. Moreover, this section can help you to understand why skaters can select the best skateboard for each type of skating style.

Cruising means you have to travel on different terrains, you need to pick a board with the ability to travel stably on all kinds of surfaces or at least the skate park, pavements, and on the street. In order to conquer many types of terrains, you should choose the one with bigger wheels to get over obstacles easily.

According to some mistakes that are pointed out by SkateAdvisors on getpocket , people tend to choose a big longboard as they think it offers better stability. On the other hand, you may need to sacrifice some responding time when picking a big skateboard.

Cruising involves a lot of pushing so you had better choose a longboard that is easily pushed so that you don’t have to make too much effort just to get the board moving. Too much concave on the deck is not good if you intend to stick to the board for a while. Moreover, a decent set of skateboard trucks is necessary for a smooth ride around your neighborhood.

These are just some recommendations from my experience, skaters are free to make any changes as they want.