Eureka NES210 Review: A Lightweight Solution For Small Houses

Many people don't want to see vacuuming only as a tedious chore. They are in need of some tools that can make it more tolerable, even if this won't make vacuuming a fun thing to do.

The first thing you can try is to get a lighter vacuum than your existing model. This will help you avoid situations when you have to carry a heavy machine around your house after a tiring week.

The NES210 Blaze 3-in-1 stick vacuum from Eureka is a model like that. It also is in top 10 vacuum cleaners . At only 4 pounds, it's a promising solution to your exhausting vacuuming sessions. But can this vacuum still deliver a comparable performance like heavier models? Let's find out.


This good vacuum cleaner will be a huge relief if you live in a small apartment or when carrying a regular vacuum between stairs is just too much for you. It measures 44x9.8x5.6 inches while being able to function as a stair, handheld, and stick vacuum.

This versatile vacuum has three cleaning models. The stick function is great for hard floors, but you can press a button to remove the tall handle to transform it into a handheld unit. To make it even more compact, remove the swivel head and put on the crevice tool to clean small spaces.

Despite its compact size, the Eureka NES210 can hold plenty of debris and dirt in its dust cup. If you live in a small home, this vacuum won't need to be emptied until it has gone through a few rounds.

This 0.5-quart dust cup is easy to empty and wash with soapy water. You can also scrub the filter with a toothbrush to remove caked-on dust. Just remember to let the dust cup completely dry before attaching it back to the machine.

This stick vacuum is easy to maneuver on all kinds of flooring, from tile, carpets, linoleum, and hardwood. Its weight and size are a huge advantage whether you need a quick cleanup before your guests arrive or you plan to do a thorough stair-cleaning session.


This is one of the Best Vacuum Cleaners In The World: Discover the World's Highest Rated Vacuums  really excels at cleaning small debris like pet hair, sand, and dirt.  It's a perfect tool for pet owners and parents. It's easy to maneuver into hard-to-reach places, especially in the handheld mode. The machine also swivels with ease on bare floors.

But when it comes to larger particles, it tends to struggle a bit. For example, you may have to shake the brush roll to avoid a jam while picking up cereal.

High-pile carpets are also the surface where the NES210 doesn't work as well. The cleaner head of this vacuum tends to get stuck between the fiber threads, making it very hard for users to move it back and forth. Additionally, it doesn’t have any HEPA filters.

So if you have a lot of soft, high-pile rugs in your house, look elsewhere for a better solution.


The Eureka NES210 is in the Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners on the market if you want an affordable, lightweight machine to pick up dirt from tile or hardwood floors. It's a compact and versatile machine that can get the job done without a huge price tag.