{"bf_titre":"Mainframe Modernization Courses: The Key to Staying Competitive","checkboxListeEquipe":"1","bf_description":"Introduction:\r\n\r\nMainframes are still a critical part of many businesses' IT infrastructure. They provide a reliable and secure platform for running mission-critical applications. However, mainframes can be complex and expensive to maintain and operate. [[https:\/\/www.vrgtechnologiesservices.com\/online\/corporate\/mainframe-training\/ mainframe modernization training]]\r\n\r\nMainframe modernization is the process of updating and upgrading mainframe systems to improve their performance, security, and scalability. Mainframe modernization can help businesses to save money, improve efficiency, and stay competitive.\r\n\r\nThere are many different mainframe modernization courses available. Some of the most popular courses include:\r\n\r\nIBM Z Modernization Fundamentals: This course provides an introduction to mainframe modernization. It covers the basics of mainframe architecture, as well as the latest mainframe technologies.\r\nIBM Z Modernization Fundamentals courseOpens in a new windowCredly\r\nIBM Z Modernization Fundamentals course\r\nIBM Z Modernization with Cloud Pak for Applications: This course teaches you how to modernize mainframe applications using IBM Cloud Pak for Applications. It covers the process of migrating mainframe applications to the cloud, as well as the benefits of doing so.\r\nIBM Z Modernization with Cloud Pak for Applications courseOpens in a new windowIBM Community\r\nIBM Z Modernization with Cloud Pak for Applications course\r\nMicro Focus Modernization Platform: This course teaches you how to modernize mainframe applications using Micro Focus Modernization Platform. It covers the process of refactoring mainframe applications to a modern programming language, as well as the benefits of doing so.\r\nMicro Focus Modernization Platform courseOpens in a new windowMicro Focus\r\nMicro Focus Modernization Platform course\r\nWhen choosing a mainframe modernization course, it is important to consider the following factors:\r\n\r\nYour needs: Make sure that the course is relevant to your needs and career goals.\r\nThe budget: Make sure that the course is affordable.\r\nThe delivery method: Make sure that the course is delivered in a way that is effective for you.\r\nBenefits of Mainframe Modernization Courses\r\n\r\nThere are many benefits to taking mainframe modernization courses. Some of the key benefits include:\r\n\r\nIncreased knowledge: Courses can help you learn about the latest mainframe technologies, as well as the best practices for mainframe modernization.\r\nImproved skills: Courses can help you develop the skills you need to modernize mainframe systems.\r\nEnhanced career prospects: Courses can help you improve your career prospects by making you more marketable to employers.\r\nConclusion\r\n\r\nMainframe modernization courses are an important investment for anyone who wants to modernize mainframe systems. By taking a course, you can develop the skills you need to have a successful career in IT. [[https:\/\/www.vrgtechnologiesservices.com\/application\/mainframe-outsourcing-companies\/ mainframe outsourcing\r\n]]\r\nTags: mainframe modernization courses, IT career, mainframes, modernization, performance, security, scalability, reduced costs","bf_date_debut_evenement":"2023-05-30","bf_date_debut_evenement_allday":"1","bf_date_debut_evenement_hour":"00","bf_date_debut_evenement_minutes":"00","bf_date_fin_evenement":"2023-09-30","bf_date_fin_evenement_allday":"1","bf_date_fin_evenement_hour":"00","bf_date_fin_evenement_minutes":"00","bf_horaire":,"bf_site_internet":"https:\/\/www.vrgtechnologiesservices.com\/integration\/zdevops-implementation-with-github-and-ibm-dbb\/","bf_adresse12":"Paramount Towers,","bf_code_postal":"600091","bf_ville":"Chennai","id_typeannonce":"13","id_fiche":"MainframeModernizationCoursesTheKeyToSta","createur":"Anonyme","date_creation_fiche":"2023-05-30 12:07:07","statut_fiche":"1","imagebf_image":"MainframeModernizationCoursesTheKeyToSta_6.jpg","fichierfichier":,"date_maj_fiche":"2023-05-30 12:07:07"}