{"bf_titre":"Does Google\u2019s Update Affect PPC?","bf_nom":,"checkboxListeEquipe":"1","bf_auteur":,"checkboxListeRessources":"1","bf_url":,"bf_description":"As a PPC specialist I'm very interested in all information related to the Google updates. I came across an article, \"[[https:\/\/thenewsgod.com\/how-does-googles-update-affect-ppc Does Google\u2019s Update Affect PPC]]?\". In it, the author highlighted that PPC is now more difficult to obtain the highest quality score. With the new updates it will be very difficult to rank for services and goods. PPC experts are required to do more to achieve the best results. It's not easy, I know. Google updates will not make me change my profession, but I'm not afraid to face challenges. Like most specialists, it will take me some time to master the system. However, there is no alternative. Real challenges enable me to progress as a specialist, and further my expertise. First, when advertising services, I have to take into consideration factors like keyword rates, the popularity terms and the quality landing pages. PPC specialists know that it is possible to achieve anything.","data-imagebf_image":,"filename-imagebf_image":,"id_typeannonce":"4","id_fiche":"DoesGooglesUpdateAffectPpc","createur":"LiamDavis1","date_creation_fiche":"2021-12-12 10:56:11","statut_fiche":"1","fichierfichier1":,"fichierfichier2":,"fichierfichier3":,"fichierfichier4":,"fichierfichier5":,"fichierfichier6":,"fichierfichier7":,"fichierfichier8":,"fichierfichier9":,"fichierfichier10":"","date_maj_fiche":"2021-12-12 10:56:11"}