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{"bf_titre":"buy Hospital O2 Generator","data-imagebf_image":,"filename-imagebf_image":,"checkboxListeEquipe":"1","bf_description":"buy Hospital O2 Generator Hangzhou Azbel Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Azbel Co., Ltd. is located in Tonglu County, Hangzhou City, one of the most beautiful county towns in China. It has a fully automatic casting production workshop with an annual casting of more than 3,000 tons of stainless steel. There are more than 20 engineering and technical personnel, including 8 senior engineers. The company integrates control, casting, research and development, production, and sales. Its products are widely used in petrochemical, electric power, papermaking, metallurgy, energy and other industries. With advanced and prudent design concepts, sophisticated process equipment and complete testing and testing equipment, the company has a high-quality workforce to ensure high product quality and excellent service, and has won unanimous praise and trust from users over the years. Our Product Azbel's products are as follows: 1. Cryogenic air separation 2. PSA oxygen generator 3. VPSA oxygen generator 4. PSA nitrogen generator 5. Nitrogen purification device 6. Compressed air purification equipment 7. Membrane separation nitrogen and oxygen production device 8. All oil-free gas booster 9. Electric, pneumatic intelligent control valve, temperature control valve, shut-off valve A total of more than 800 specifications and models Competitive Advantage \"Azbel\" has been committed to the field of process control for many years. We have advanced equipment, the most perfect system and application experts, as well as customer services and branches that other manufacturers cannot match, so it occupies a leading position in the field of control valves. We can help users obtain maximum production efficiency, output and profit, and reduce installation and maintenance costs while improving process quality. Our Partnership Our Certificatebuy Hospital O2 Generator website:http:\/\/www.azbeltech.com\/","bf_date_debut_evenement":"2023-09-19","bf_date_debut_evenement_allday":"1","bf_date_debut_evenement_hour":"00","bf_date_debut_evenement_minutes":"00","bf_date_fin_evenement":"2023-09-20","bf_date_fin_evenement_allday":"1","bf_date_fin_evenement_hour":"00","bf_date_fin_evenement_minutes":"00","bf_horaire":,"bf_site_internet":"http:\/\/www.azbeltech.com\/","bf_adresse12":"Room 2705,Block 1, Golden Bridge International, Shuangyong Ave.","bf_code_postal":"510000","bf_ville":"Guangzhou","id_typeannonce":"13","id_fiche":"BuyHospitalO2Generator","createur":"dsa5463s","date_creation_fiche":"2023-09-19 03:10:43","statut_fiche":"1","fichierfichier":,"date_maj_fiche":"2023-09-19 03:10:43"}